The Plan

Preliminary Implementation Plan

Wondering how the City of Bellevue gets started?

We have a preliminary implementation plan that has been developed with the help of legal, engineering, and planning assistance.
Please note this is preliminary information that is subject to change based on the timing of incorporation and final decisions of a judge.
Subject to revision and updating

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Subject to revision and updating
Area 15.15 sq. miles
Population Estimate 6,226
Population Density 410.96
Residential Housing Units Estimate 2,325
Total Assessed Value $66,600,471
Retail Establishments 31
Service/Professional Establishments 31
Industrial/Semi-Industrial Establishments 8
Churches 5
Public Parks & Recreation Facilities 1
   Longleaf Trace – Walking & Bicycle Trail
Water Utility Suppliers 2
   Canebrake Utilities Association, Inc.
   West Lamar Water Association
Sewer Utility Suppliers 6
   Bent Creek Utility, Inc.
   Canebrake Utilities Association, Inc.
   Deep South Utility, LLC
   MD Utilities, LLC
   Sandstone Management, LLC
   Sienna Utilities, LLC
Miles of Non-State Maintained Roads
   Public 56.95
   Private 10.17
Subject to revision and updating
  20 mills 25 mills 30 mills 35 mills 40 mills
Ad Valorem $1,332,009 $1,665,012 $1,998,014 $2,331,016 $2,664,019
Sales Tax Diversion $323,565
Total $1,655,574 $1,988,577 $2,321,579 $2,654,581 $2,987,584

Utilizing 2014 Lamar County Tax Assessor data (the most recent data available), it was determined that the total assessed value in Bellevue was approximately $66,000,000. The table above illustrates the total tax dollars that could be generated utilizing a range of millage rates applied to the assessed value for Bellevue.

According to the State Department of Revenue, the total sales tax collections for calendar year 2014 (the most recent data available), was approximately $1,700,000 resulting in approximately $323,565 in potential sales tax diversions to Bellevue.

Other potential sources of revenue:

  • General Obligation Bonds
  • Capital Improvement Loan Programs
  • Citation Fees and Permits

Subject to revision and updating
Administration & Finance Estimate (% of Total)
Mayor & Board of Aldermen $ 0 (*)
Administrative Assistant $ 50,000
Boards & Commissions $ 50,000
City Attorney/Legal Services (Contract) $ 135,000
Municipal Court $ 75,000
Office of the City Clerk/Municipal Clerk $ 65,000
Accounting & Finance $ 95,000
Grants Writer/Administration $ 75,000
Subtotal $ 545,000 (18.29%)

Public Safety Estimate (% of Total)
Police Department
Sheriff’s Office Supplement Nine (9) Full Time Officers
$ 517,000
Police Capital Outlay  
   Three (3) Vehicles Fully Equipped
$ 105,000
   (Uniforms, Radios, Equipment, etc.)
$ 72,000
Police Fuel & Maintenance $ 175,000
Fire Department
Staffing Supplement Three (3) Certified Fire Fighters
$ 140,000
Subtotal $ 1,009,000 (33.86%)

City Planning & Codes Estimate (% of Total)
Planning & Zoning: Director & Assistant Director $ 90,000
Permits: Two (2) Permits Staff $ 66,000
Enforcement Officers: Two (2) $ 85,000
Redistricting Plan (Contract) $ 20,000
Subtotal $ 261,000 (8.76%)

Quality of Life Estimate (% of Total)
Parks, Recreation & Beautification Director $ 70,000
Right-of-Way Landscaping Improvements $ 250,000
Subtotal $ 320,000 (10.74%)

City Hall Operations Estimate (% of Total)
Office Rent (Utilities, Maintenance, Furniture) $ 90,000
Office Equipment (Computers, Printers, Internet, Phones) $ 75,000
Office Supplies $ 35,000
IT Staff $ 70,000
Subtotal $ 270,000 (9.06%)

Contingency Reserve Estimate (% of Total)
Subtotal $ 300,000 (10.07%)

TOTAL $ 2,980,000
Subject to revision and updating
Year One
  • Create Planning Commission & Initiate Comprehensive Plan Process & Zoning Ordinance Development, Redistricting Plan
  • Initiate Long-Range Facilities Plan
  • Municipal Complex/Town Center Location Site Selection Analysis
  • Develop R-O-W Beautification Improvement Plans & Submit Grant Applications
  • Initiate Fire Rating Improvement Plan
Year Two
  • Adopt Comprehensive Plan & Zoning Ordinance
  • Issue RFQ for Municipal Complex/Town Center Design
  • Develop Parks & Recreation Plan
  • Secure Funding for Fire Rating Improvement Plan
Year Three
  • Secure Funding for Site Acquisition & Construction for Municipal Complex and Parks & Recreation Phasing
  • Start Fire Rating Improvements
Year Four
  • Ground Breaking on Municipal Complex
  • Complete Fire Rating Improvements
Year Five
  • Municipal Complex Dedication
Subject to revision and updating

State of Mississippi law requires an interim mayor-board of aldermen be named in the incorporation petition. Thus, the following non-paid volunteers have stepped forward for the duration of the incorporation process:

  • John W. Adcock, Mayor (Canebrake), (601) 310-5494
  • Robert E. Donnell, III, Alderperson (Canebrake), (601) 441-1687
  • Brantley Fryfogle, Alderperson (Bellegrass), (601) 466-9791
  • Paul McCarthy, Alderperson (Bridgefield Estates), (601) 620-9704
  • Patricia H. Nelson, Alderperson (Sandstone), (601) 310-7976
  • Tim A. Ryan, Alderperson (Bent Creek), (601) 270-6414

Once incorporated, the City of Bellevue will be required to hold municipal elections for the mayor and board of aldermen during the next scheduled Mississippi election cycle.

Subject to revision and updating

Long-term planning for our city ensures architectural standards, continuity, and increased property values.

Local self-governance gives our community the ability to control its future.

Taxes paid locally should benefit us locally -- in Lamar County. Your property taxes for this city will remain in Lamar County and will be used to benefit Bellevue and its residents. We will keep sales taxes in Bellevue. Right now, all sales tax paid in the Bellevue area go to the State of Mississippi. The City of Bellevue would get to keep 18% of the sales tax collected within the city limits will all proceeds benefitting our city and our residents.

Enhanced Fire Protection: The City of Bellevue will be able to take steps necessary to improve our fire rating -- adding fire hydrants, employing additional full time fire protection personnel, and imposing a building code. These improvements have the ability to change our rating from a Class 8 to a Class 7, which is significant and leads to insurance premium savings for property owners.

Enhanced Police Protection: The Lamar County Sheriff's Department does an excellent job preserving the peace in our county. However, they currently do not have the staff to highly saturate the entire county, 500 square miles, with deputies at all hours. Initially, the City of Bellevue, through an interlocal agreement with the county, would be able to provide 2 to 3 full-time deputies at all hours within our 15 square miles of city. Providing increased public safety personnel is critical to our ability to continue on our path of progress.

Quality of Life -- We live in a very nice community, and we appreciate the work that Lamar County has done to support it. Our community is developing with high standards and architectural continuity, and with a vision and planning, we can keep it that way.

Incorporation is the natural, logical progression of our residential and commercial growth in Bellevue.