Proposed Walmart near Canebrake

 Posted on November 11, 2015 at 05:50 PM
 Press Release

Contact: John Adcock: or (601) 909-5859

Proposed Walmart near Canebrake Highlights the Need for Bellevue to Incorporate for Planning Standards

(Lamar County, Miss.)—The recent news about a proposed Walmart being located on Highway 98 just east of the Canebrake neighborhood highlights the need for Bellevue to incorporate so that zoning and planning standards are in place to address the concerns of nearby residents.

John Adcock of the Citizens of Bellevue stated, “Bellevue residents have concerns about Walmart and the other growth and changes that are coming to this area. Their concerns are legitimate, and this is exactly why the incorporation of Bellevue is necessary.”

Adcock continued, “Growth and change are coming to our community. We can decide to get in front of it and take control over it, or we can choose to standby and be at the mercy of it. If Bellevue was already a city, we would have the tools to direct the growth in our area through increased zoning and planning standards. Until we incorporate Bellevue, we will not have any real power to control the future of this community. That’s exactly what the incorporation of Bellevue is all about—making sure the people of Bellevue have the ability to determine what the future holds for our community.”

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