City of Bellevue Incorporation
Carries Momentum into Home Stretch

 Posted on September 07, 2016 at 10:30 AM
 Press Release

The effort to incorporate the City of Bellevue continues to gain momentum as volunteers work to collect the final signatures required to file their petition in chancery court. Each day more and more residents are actively seeking Bellevue representation and inquiring about signing the petition.

John Adcock, the proposed Mayor of Bellevue, issued the following statement today regarding their progress:

“Numerous recent events and factors have encouraged residents to get more involved in this process and to make a decision about the incorporation of Bellevue as opposed to leaving our future to chance. Citizens and business owners within the proposed incorporated area, roughly 15 square miles, are seeing the vision and the need for this incorporation in a once sparsely populated and rural area which is now home to more than 6,000 residents and an ever increasing number of businesses.”

It is evident that the City of Hattiesburg filing for annexation of the business corridor through the heart of Bellevue and the continued interest of developers planning to build a new Walmart near Canebrake have increased the need for the incorporation of the City of Bellevue. Residents have been working hard to express their support for this effort which has provided the continuous stream of signatures.

“We are currently less than 500 signatures from the required number to file the petition. Many residents have been involved in collecting signatures lately which has pushed this effort forward. We anticipate that others will see and hear of the support their neighbors, friends, and family have for the effort and sign for themselves soon,” said Adcock.

With the end in sight, the Citizens of Bellevue committee members and volunteers will be holding opportune signing events and visiting with more residents in the coming weeks to help push the effort over the top. Find us on Facebook, /BellevueMS, and follow us on Twitter, @BellevueMS, to stay up-to-date on upcoming events and activities of the City of Bellevue.