City of Bellevue Formally Announces
Process to Begin Incorporation

 Posted on August 20, 2015 at 11:30 AM
 Press Release

Contact: John Adcock: or (601) 909-5859

"Our collective goal is to incorporate today for a better tomorrow."

(Purvis, Miss.)—Today, the Citizens of Bellevue group formally announced the first step in the process of incorporation of the City of Bellevue, Mississippi.

At today’s meeting of the Lamar County Board of Supervisors, the Citizens of Bellevue presented details regarding the proposed geographic area of the new City of Bellevue, details regarding benefits to residents of Bellevue, specifics about how people can become more involved in the effort and information about the incorporation process going forward.

As part of the incorporation procedures to become a new city in Mississippi, a petition must be filed in chancery court that includes several elements including signatures from two-thirds of registered voters in the proposed incorporation area. In addition, a proposed group of officers including a Mayor and Alderpersons must be submitted.

Proposed officers include John Adcock as Mayor, and the following Alderpersons: Robert E. Donnell, III; Brantley Fryfogle; Paul McCarthy; Patricia H. Nelson; and Tim A. Ryan.

John Adcock, the proposed Mayor of Bellevue, made the presentation to the Lamar County Board of Supervisors today saying, “Today, the Citizens of Bellevue are pleased to announce an historic moment for our future. We have the desire, duty and willingness to strengthen and enhance the community in which we live by taking the first step to control our own destiny by incorporating the City of Bellevue. Incorporation is a positive, proactive step that is a result of the natural, logical progression of the residential and commercial growth of Bellevue. Our collective goal for Bellevue is to incorporate today for a better tomorrow.”

“There are numerous benefits to the citizens of Bellevue once it becomes a City,” Adcock continued. “Local self-governance gives our community the ability to control its own future. It only makes sense that taxes paid locally should benefit us locally—in Lamar County. Currently, all sales taxes generated by businesses in the area go to the State of Mississippi. Once Bellevue is incorporated as a City, 18% of the local sales tax revenues will be returned to Bellevue to be invested in the community.”

“Bellevue currently has a need for enhanced fire protection and an increased police presence which will quickly be addressed once Bellevue is incorporated,” Adcock stated. “Incorporating the City of Bellevue gives us the opportunity for long-term planning to ensure architectural standards, planning and zoning continuity which will lead to increased property values.”

“To be clear, this will not happen overnight,” Adcock said. “Today’s announcement is a first step in the right direction, and in the immediate future, we will be seeking the signatures of two-thirds of registered voters in Bellevue in order to continue the incorporation process. Once incorporated, the City of Bellevue will take all necessary steps to begin fully-enacting all of the municipal and public services that will make Bellevue a top-notch City. While this will take some time to develop and implement, there is a plan in place to move forward with leaders who are fully-committed to making this a reality.”

Visit for more information and additional details regarding the petition process as well as ways to connect through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay updated about key developments of the City of Bellevue.