Bridgefield Estates HOA Board Supports Bellevue Incorporation

 Posted on September 14, 2015 at 05:00 PM
 Press Release

Contact: John Adcock: or (601) 909-5859

Bridgefield Estates Homeowner's Association Approves Resolution Supporting the Incorporation of Bellevue

(Lamar County, Miss.)—The Bridgefield Estates Homeowner's Association has approved a Resolution in support of the incorporation of the City of Bellevue, Mississippi in Lamar County.

John Adcock, the proposed Mayor of Bellevue said, "As we let people know about the benefits of the City of Bellevue while we continue gathering signatures on our petition to incorporate, it's great to see momentum building like this Resolution of support from the Bridgefield Estates Homeowner's Association."

The Resolution includes reasons the Bridgefield Estates Homeowner's Association supports the incorporation of Bellevue including the belief that taxes paid locally should benefit the local community; the need for increased police presence and enhanced fire protection; and the long-term planning benefits to ensure architectural standards and zoning continuity to increase property values.

As part of the incorporation procedures to become a new city in Mississippi, a petition must be filed in chancery court that includes several elements including signatures from two-thirds of registered voters in the proposed incorporation area. In addition, a proposed group of officers including a Mayor and Alderpersons must be submitted. Citizens of Bellevue are now in the process of gathering the required signatures needed from two-thirds of the registered voters in the area who support the incorporation of Bellevue.

Visit for more information and additional details regarding the petition process as well as ways to connect through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay updated about key developments of the City of Bellevue.