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Where is the City of Bellevue?

a map showing the boundaries of Bellevue

  Download a copy of the map here

Why is it important to incorporate the City of Bellevue?

With the substantial investments from Lamar County officials and private developers already in place, The City of Bellevue has the potential to be a premier city in the South. That development can only be strengthened and possible by the natural and logical progression of incorporating. For more details, please view our Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is incorporating the City of Bellevue?

The Citizens of Bellevue, LLC which is comprised of local professionals including the proposed officers to include John Adcock as Mayor and the following Alderpersons: Robert E. Donnell, III, Brantley Fryfogle, Paul McCarthy, Patricia H. Nelson, and Tim A. Ryan; as well as, David Oliver, David West, and Barbara Wilson.

How are we incorporating the City of Bellevue?

The process of incorporating the City of Bellevue requires 66% of signatures from the registered voters within the proposed incorporated area. Once the signatures are collected, the petition will be filed with the Lamar County Chancery Court for incorporation consideration and a judge will make the final determination based on the overall feasibility of the incorporation.